In this captivating oil painting, the canvas bursts forth with the exuberance of summer. A lush bouquet of flowers takes center stage, their petals unfurling in a riot of colors […]

Conversation with the Wind

100 x 80 cm Oil, acrylic on canvas Year – 2023 Ivan Turetsky graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in 1982. He works in painting, drawing […]

Generous October

Let’s distill the essence of “Generous October,” an exquisite oil painting that celebrates autumnal abundance: Floral Extravaganza: bursting with chrysanthemums, dahlias, and asters, the canvas sings in warm reds, purples, […]

Memories of Rogoznica

The central focus of the piece is a majestic tree, its branches sprawling across the canvas. Each branch seems to tell a story, dividing the background into distinct sections. A […]


In a realm where time stands still, two figures intertwine—an eternal embrace that transcends mere mortal existence. Here, whispers of love and longing paint the canvas, and every stroke carries […]


In this vibrant canvas, autumn weaves its tapestry — a symphony of colors and textures. Sunflowers stand tall, their golden faces turned toward the sun. A plump pumpkin commands attention, […]

Together forever

150 x 100 cm Oil on canvas, golden petal Year – 2023 Oksana Henedysh is a renowned artist from Ukraine. Over the years of her creative career, Oksana has developed […]