Viktoria Protsiv

Viktoria Protsiv was born in 1983 in Lviv. In 2006 she graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts (graphic design). 

Participated in regional and international exhibitions.

Personal exhibitions:

2006 “Ukraine is laughing”, Lviv Ethnographic Museum. 

2007 “Chicha Lala”, Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2010 “New Joy”, Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2010 P.G. Tychyna Museum, Kyiv

2011 Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum, Lviv

2011 Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2011 Expo Centre, within the framework of Lviv Fashion Week

2012 Hotel complex “Vezha Vedmezha”, Slavsk

2012 Ivan Bilas Art Museum, Truskavets

2012 Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Art, Kyiv

2013 Mironova Art Gallery, Kyiv  

2014 Art Salon Veles, Lviv

2015 “Coming from childhood”, Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv

2016 Art Salon Veles, Lviv

2016 Mironova Art Gallery, Kyiv  

2017 N-Gallery, Dnipro

2018 “The role of women in society”, Ukraine Week at the UN, Vienna

2019 Art Gallery, Azerbaijan, Baku

2021 Veles Gallery, “Theatre Stories”, Lviv   

The works are made in the original author’s technique: paper, silk, ink, pen, and watercolor. The works are kept in museums, galleries, and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Canada, America, and China.

Artworks by Viktoria Protsiv

Madame Arcimboldo

Viktoria Protsiv
1.000 €
76 x 44 cm


Viktoria Protsiv
700 €
48 x 51 cm