Viktor Zhmak

Viktor Zhmak has been creating since his childhood until now. There are several interesting facts, such as one that during the work process, he cannot be distracted because he is completely immersed in the creation of a new masterpiece. Victor is a huge buff of delicious coffee, but he only makes it in a Turkish coffee pot, he also likes to spend time alone with nature and he considers the cat to be the best friend of a human. In addition to artistic activities, Viktor’s favorite hobby is fishing. Sometimes gets inspired and happily combines both.

Viktor was born in 1954 in Ukraine and in 1978 graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University (a Department of Architecture). In 1995 Viktor launched his career as a professional artist in Russia. His first 5 exhibitions took place in Ivanovo. In 1997 Viktor`s artworks were exhibited at Lviv Palace of Arts and in 2001 he had a solo collective exhibition in Hanover, Germany. From 1997 till now Viktor has been presenting a huge number of private exhibitions in Ukraine. Viktor is also well-known all over the world and his personal exhibitions have already taken place in China Beijing, Germany, Moscow Ukrainian Cultural Center, Italy, and Croatia.

Artworks by Viktor Zhmak

Winter still life

Viktor Zhmak
1.500 €
70 x 80 cm