Olena Pryduvalova

Born in 1960 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
In 1986 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (faculty of Painting, Department of Theatre Stage Design, Studio D.Leader).
Member of the National Ukrainian Artists’ Union.
Since 2012, Pryduvalova has been a founding member of the Blue October (“Syniy Zhovten’ “) creative team.
Living and working in Kyiv.

1998 Great Ukrainian Women Artists ’98, 1st Prize Winner. Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 Great Ukrainian Women Artists ’96, Honorary Mention. Kyiv, Ukraine

Solo exhibitions (selected):

Vyr. Borys Voznytskyi Lviv National Art Gallery, Lviv

Zir. Olena Pryduvalova & Oleksii Apollonov. “Khlibnia” Gallery. National Sanctuary “Sophia of Kyiv” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Midtown-Suburbs. White World Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) Olena Pryduvalova and Oksana Tsiupa

Two of me. “Maister” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Holidays and Workdays. Kyiv History Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Memories of the Crimea. Institut français d’Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Kray. Centre Culturel et d’Information de l’Ambassade d’Ukraine (Paris, France)
Movement (Rukh). Art Museum of Prykarpattia (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Kray. Educatorium (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Autumn’s Light. “Kalita Art Club” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Live Life to the Fullest! “Triptych Art” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Being beneath Olsztyn Sky. Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Variable Interiors. “Triptych Art” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Holidays and Workdays. “Maisternia” Gallery, National Ukrainian Artists’ Union (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Group Exhibitions (selected):
The Samarkand Epic. “Kyiv Picture Gallery” National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Eyes of Flowers. National Museum of Decorative Arts of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Premonition of Victory. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv
Fortress. Artistic Walls of Kyiv. Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Year of Anxiety. Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Wall to Wall. White World Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Cultural Complexity. “Saphira and Ventura” Gallery (New York, USA)
Framing Reality. “Saphira and Ventura” Gallery (New York, USA)

Meeting. “Khudhraf” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
White World. Skifia. “White World” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
March. “Maister” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

November. “Maister” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art Convergence. Cultural Village (Doha, Qatar)
Ukrainian Art Month. Abu Dhabi Art Hub (Abu-Dhabi, UAE)
Brothers. Dedication to Alfons and Mieczyslaw Kulakowski. Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Crimean Album. Autonomus. Crimean House (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Anno Domini – 2015. “Dzyga” Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine)

Genius Loci. National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery” (Kyiv Russian Art Museum) (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Expression of Silence. Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Anno Domini – 2014. “Nasha” Gallery (Sumy, Ukraine)
De Rerum Natura. “KalytaArtClub” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Ukrainian Lanscape. Mystetskyi arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)
All truth about Crimea. Plein air Chronicles. “Khlibnia” Gallery. National Sanctuary “Sophia of Kyiv” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Artist as a Model. “KalytaArtClub” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Yin. “M17” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Day Care Facility. Kyiv Plein air result exhibition. Kyiv Russian Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Being beneath Olsztyn Sky. “KalytaArtClub” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Hendrick Terbrugghen, Modern Vision. Chernihiv Hryhoriy Halahan Regional Art Museum (Chernihiv, Ukraine)
Being beneath Olsztyn Sky. “Sova” Gallery (Olsztyn, Poland)
Art Studio, Voluiky. Arts Palace (Lviv, Ukraine)

Kniazha Mount. Plein air in Kaniv. “KalytaArtClub” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art-Plotinos. Kyiv Contemporary Ukrainian Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
“Velykyi Pereviz” Residence. “Lavra” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Public Collections (selected):
Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine)
Museum of Ukrainian Painting (Dnipro, Ukraine)
Art Museum of Prykarpattia (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Abu Dhabi Art Hub (Abu-Dhabi, UAE)
National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery” (Kyiv Russian Art Museum) (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Zaporizhzhia Arts Museum
Kherson O.Shovkunenko Regional Art Museum
Kyiv Contemporary Art Museum
Museum of Women Artists (Washington DC, USA)
Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (France)
The University of Chicago (USA)
Paletta Gallery (Germany)
Ochre Gallery (Greece)
Marshalovska Gallery (Olsztyn, Poland)
“Lavra” Municipal Art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Dukat Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Kolo Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Ra Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Tadzio Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
“KalytaArtClub” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
G.Soros Contemporary Art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Private Collections:
Condoleezza Rice
Kateryna Yushchenko
Miriam Keiser
Eleanor Valentine
Dzvinka Kryshtalovych
Constance Uzwyshyn
Frantishek Yanoukh
Grazyna Strikovska
Eurasia Foundation (USA)
Imсa Press Publishers (France)
Ukrainian Embassy in France
Mitsubishi Co. Tokyo City Hall (Japan)
Squire, Sanders & Dempsy, UMC (Great Britain)
Business Centre Regina L&L (Ukraine)
Bank Azhio (Ukraine)
Private collections in the USA, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Scotland, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, South Korea, Russia, Japan and Ukraine.

«The composition is original; the brushstrokes are robust and even a little wild, but
never uncontrolled; the colours are bright, fresh and never dull or common; the
painting is very decorative, but much more than that. Her art is based on tradition
but has a contemporary approach. The quality is very consistent. She also always
succeeds in reconciling all contradictions mentioned above».
Ineke Shwartz (Dutch art critic)

Artist’s Statement:
My main theme is Kyiv – “portraits” of streets, buildings, arches, corners, caryatides.
My vision comes from colour (the maximum intensity of colour) and the outcome of
my work should bring the viewer happiness and tranquility.

Artworks by Olena Pryduvalova


Olena Pryduvalova
4.000 €
100 x 150 cm

LOOK! Sunset

Olena Pryduvalova
2.000 €
100 x 80 cm

Still life-Carpet “Holiday dinner”

Olena Pryduvalova
3.000 €
100 x 130 cm

STOP! Croatia

Olena Pryduvalova
2.000 €
100 x 80 cm