Oleksandr Suholit

“Creating a sculpture is actually a bodily touch. Yes, you look at the image with your

eyes, scan it, and then transfer it to clay, hold it in your hands, give it shape, breathe

life into it. When a painter works, it’s dif erent, it’s more dif icult for him, he doesn’t

draw a diagram, he can’t just transfer a schedule to the canvas”

He studied at the Uzhhorod School of Decorative and Applied Arts and the Kyiv State

Art Institute (now the National Academy of Arts and Crafts), in Vronskyi’s studio. As a

student, he was compared to the famous French artist Henri Matisse. After graduating,

he spent 5 years in solitude.

Before coming to sculpture, the artist tried many media: different genres of painting and

graphic arts techniques. That is why Suholit’s sculptures are polychrome and

surprisingly “graphic”.

Oleksandr’s work occupies a prominent place in contemporary Ukrainian art, he is

called the “Ukrainian Picasso”. His paintings, his graphic and sculptural works are

in private collections all around the world.

The most significant exhibitions: “Golden Section. Dialogue of Two Geniuses” Art

Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, (2024), ‘Oleksandr Sukholit Sculpture and Graphics’,

Chocolate House, Kyiv (2020), ‘Great and Majestic’, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv,

Ukraine (2013), ‘Drawing’, Shcherbenko Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine (2012), “Seas of

Sukholita”, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, “My Archaic”, Small Gallery of the

Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine, “Earth”, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

(2011), “Folk Actual. Landscape”, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine (2010), Pavlo

Gudimov’s curatorial project ‘Mini-Art’, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine (2009),

‘Clay’, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine (2008), ‘Painting, Graphics’, National Art

Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, “New Figurative”, drawing, sculpture, Ya Design

Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (2007), Ghent Art Fair, Belgium (2003), “From Socialist

Realism of the 50s to Postmodernism of the 90s”, Leeds Metropolitan University,

Leeds, UK (1997), I International Art Festival, solo exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv,

Ukraine (1996), International Miniprint Triennial, Tokyo, Japan (1995), Triennial

Print-94, Tokyo, Japan, III Triennial of Miniprint, Chamalov, France (1994), Sowart,

Odense Municipal Museum, Denmark, 21 Views, Odense, Denmark (1990), Sedniv-89,

National Museum of Odense, Denmark (1989)

Artworks by Oleksandr Suholit


Oleksandr Suholit
3.000 €
44 x 72 cm


Oleksandr Suholit
3.000 €
13 x 31 cm


Oleksandr Suholit
3.000 €
45 x 61 cm