Oksana Protsiv

Oksana Protsiv was born in 1961 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan. In 1984 she graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (now the Lviv National Academy of Arts). Since 1992 she has been presenting her works at exhibitions. Participant of regional, national and international exhibitions.

Personal exhibitions:
2001 – Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts, Lviv, Ukraine
2003 – gallery “ART SHOW”, Toronto, Canada
2008 – Hotel “Opera”, Lviv
2010 – “Pink Dreams”, gallery “Green Couch”, Lviv, Ukraine 2011 – National Museum in Lviv named after A. Sheptytsky, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 – “Christmas meetings”, hotel complex “Vezha Vedmezha”, Slavske, Ukraine
2014 – “The Fifth Time of the Year”, gallery “Green Couch”, Lviv, Ukraine
– hotel complex “Citadel”, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 – gallery of T. Mironova, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 – Museum “Boykivshchyna”, Dolyna, Ukraine
2020 – Veles Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

She is engaged in easel graphics, painting, iconography. His works can be found in galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Poland, and the Netherlands. He lives and works in Lviv.
The works are made in the original technique: paper, silk, ink, pen, watercolor.

Artworks by Oksana Protsiv


Oksana Protsiv
1.300 €
54 x 44 cm


Oksana Protsiv
1.000 €
54 x 66 cm

Lilac paradise

Oksana Protsiv
1.300 €
40 x 48 cm


Oksana Protsiv
1.500 €
66 x 55 cm