Kseniya Oudenot

Kseniya Oudenot is a Ukrainian-born British artist currently based in Paris and London. Her artistic journey is driven by a fascination with nature, science, and the perception of time. Through her art, she delves into the allegorical resonance and fantastical elements inherent in our society’s manipulation of nature and the interplay of different temporal dimensions.

In 2018, Kseniya embarked on a cross-disciplinary artistic practice, which has since led to the development of an extensive body of work encompassing sculptures, paintings, drawings, and art installations.

During the early stages of her career, Kseniya’s design creations showcased her affinity for high-tech materials and were showcased at prestigious venues such as the Science Museum in London and the Science Gallery in Dublin.

Having received training in academic painting, Kseniya relocated to the UK to pursue a degree in Performance Design at St. Martins College. Her diverse artistic background, ranging from art and theater costumes to high fashion, has left an indelible mark on her work. Notably, she has undertaken projects for esteemed institutions including the London Royal Opera House, Scottish Ballet, and Alexander McQueen. Her background influences are often evident in her art through dramatic shapes, rich textures, and the bold use of contrasting elements.

Kseniya’s talent has garnered recognition from notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Vogue, earning her the distinction of being hailed as a “Best New Talent.” Presently, she is focusing on creating fine art, channeling her creativity into this expressive form.

Studying performance design and working in theater during the early stages of her career have profoundly shaped Kseniya’s ability to convey ideas and express artistic value. While she received formal training in academic drawing and painting, her artistic sensibilities have always been drawn to contemporary forms of expression and the sculptural dimensionality of art.

In her artistic practice, Kseniya enjoys experimenting with visual imbalances, contrasts, and a diverse array of materials. Thematically, her work revolves around the concepts of time and nature, exploring the altered or artificial aspects of nature, the modification of environments, the acceleration of growth, and the changing dynamics of ecosystems. Through her art, she investigates the juxtaposition of different times and contexts, offering thought-provoking insights into our complex relationship with the natural world.

Artworks by Kseniya Oudenot

Stay, Please Stay Forever

Kseniya Oudenot
500 €
30 x 18 cm