Ivan Turetsky

Ivan Turetsky graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in 1982. He works in painting, drawing and heraldry. He is also a member of the National Union of Artists in Ukraine, and his works are exhibited in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.The artist was born on August 17, 1956 in Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation). He graduated from the Lviv Art College which was named after I.Trush. In 1982, he graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (nowadays known as Lviv National Art Academy). He is a member of the Union of Artists in Ukraine, and is also one of the founders and members of the “Ukrainian Heraldry Society.” He is the co-author of the Coat of Arms of Ukraine, with awards and emblems from state and city agencies. He worked for the Union of Ukrainian Philatelists in Austria and created more than 60 projects. He participated in the development of the draft cards to play in the category VIENNA MELAHGE de Luxe for the firm PIATNIK. He was a member of the international open art fair. His works are in private collections in Europe and America. His major exhibitions are as follows: A personal exhibition in gallery “Artes” in Lviv, Ukraine, 1989. Solo exhibition at the Museum of Ethnography. Lviv, Ukraine, 1993. Artists of the city. Freiburg, Germany, 1996. Art Festival. Kiev, Ukraine, 1996. Euro-Art. Geneva, Switzerland, 1997. Euro-Art. Geneva, Switzerland, 1998. Personal exhibition in the salon-gallery Porsche Vienna, Austria, 2001. Personal exhibition in the hall of the Coat of Arms in the Vienna City Hall. Vienna, Austria, 2003. “Lviv Autumn Salon” Lviv, Ukraine, 2009. Kirovohrad Art Museum. Kirovograd, Ukraine, 2011. Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine, 2011. Museum of books and printing of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine, 2012. The exhibition “Seasons,” Café Gallery “Shtuka,” Lviv, Ukraine, 2013. Order of the National Bank of Belarus (coins) “Zodiac,” 2013. Plein Air. Lantsut, Poland, 2013. International Plein Air in Kremenets (Ukraine) and Kazimierz Dolny (Poland), 2013. Permanent exhibition in the gallery “Yana,” Kyiv, 2012-2014.

Artworks by Ivan Turetsky

Conversation with the Wind

Ivan Turetsky
20.000 €
100 x 80 cm