Anna Atoyan

Born in Lviv in 1967, she is a graduate of the Department of Art Glass at the Lviv Academy of Arts. Since 2004, she has been holding exhibitions and participating in plein airs in Ukraine and abroad: Poland, Belarus, Armenia, Lithuania, and Spain.
Anna Atoyan participated in the ART Kyiv festival as a member of the Zelena Kanapa Gallery in 2008 and the Fine Art 2011 festival at Mystetskyi Arsenal. She received diplomas from the Autumn Salon in Lviv in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2020, she received the second prize at the All-Ukrainian Biennale of Levkas (White Light Gallery, Kyiv).
Works in the following techniques: batik, levkas, and painting.

Selected exhibitions:
2007-2021: 6 solo exhibitions (Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv)
2013 – solo exhibition “Attributes” at the Museum of Modern Art (Minsk, Belarus)
2019-personal exhibition “Escape from Eden” (Gary Bowman Foundation, Lviv, White Light Gallery, Kyiv)
2020-personal exhibition “Girls’ get-togethers” (Veles Gallery, Lviv).
2020-Levkas Biennale (White Light Gallery, Kyiv, 2nd prize)
2022-International Triennial of Drawing (diploma)

Artworks by Anna Atoyan

Escape from the Edem

Anna Atoyan
800 €
88 x 88 cm


Anna Atoyan
1.200 €
60 x 90 cm

Sonia`s Delaunay morning

Anna Atoyan
1.500 €
100 x 80 cm